About Us

What is Teen Models 4 Bitcoin?

A Teen Model Network Revolution!  We’re determined to create a fully functioning “portfolio community” for the internet’s most gorgeous young teen models and their fans… and we’re not just talking about our own models!  With the power of Bitcoin and community/marketplace software, we’re crafting TeenModels4Bitcoin to cater to all teen models worldwide, current and new, to post up brand new lovable pictures and videos for their adoring fans!  If you’re a teen model photographer, feel free to get in touch with us to get started!  You’ll benefit from using our platform, and getting pledges(sales) right from our community.

And of course, the Adoring Fans! What good is a new teen model website besides using this seemingly tedious new ‘currency’ called Bitcoin? Let’s start with this, if you’ve been around for a while, you know that any real teen model community up until now has been no more than a simple “online forum.”  They were relatively active for a while, but then scumbag pirates took over, visa/mastercard stopped billing processing for teen model sites, and most teen model websites dried up.  But now… It’s time to make teen modeling great again!  (no joke!) By creating this bitcoin based community, and supporting REAL teen models with bitcoin, and NOT pirates, we’ll create a new virtual world that’s safe, LEGAL and will get even better portfolio work of gorgeous young teen models produced than ever before!  It may open up the possibility of Custom Shoots (something we have up until now always declined), Model contact (ONLY through our website, and with moderation) and Teen Model Live Webcams! (again within the LEGAL boundaries of doing so).


As always, our main focus HAS to be legalities.  It will be, no small task, taking on the idea of allowing other people’s portfolio work to be promoted and pledged towards(sold) on TeenModels4Bitcoin!  But we’re up to the challenge!  Third Party Photographers will have to follow the same strict guidelines our photographers do and will have their content placed in a queue and reviewed before being approved and published on TeenModels4Bitcoin.  We love legal teen portfolio content, and we believe in Free Speech and being able to exercise your right to view and adore the amazing beauty of young teen models, and their rights to create and model in amazing content!  Our models are always accompanied by a parent at our shoots and lascivious exhibition of the genital area is never exhibited in our work, we expect PHOTOGRAPHERS to obide by the same and OUR FANS to respect these guidelines as well and to NOT request anything of our models or any model, that could get them or us in trouble.  Our young teen models love modeling!  We take pride in creating the best legal content of them possible, as well as creating means for them to earn extra money while doing something they adore!

All artistic work contained on this website abides by US and International Laws and does not contain lewd, obscene, or lascivious poses nor anything sexually explicit. You will not find any content on our websites containing lascivious exhibition of the genital area. What you will find, are beautifully shot artistic images and videos of gorgeous young models as they gain experience in expressing their beauty to the world.  All photography work has been done with authorization of and in the presence of a parent or appointed guardian. Release Forms have been signed by the model and parent/guardian and are on file in the agency office.


I’ve said many times that PIRACY doesn’t just hurt income and survivability of a teen model website, it also hurts the reputation of the actual models.  Scumbag pirates, and their supporters ruin the reputations of these beautiful young girls by plastering their work all over stolen 18+ pornography forums.  Yes, even though there is no pornography here, this doesn’t stop shameless, scum of the earth pirates from stealing from little girls and adding their thumbnail pictures next to any other kind of material that people will PIRATE (including pornography.)  All of our models love modeling for our fans, NONE of them love to be plastered all over the internet on pornographic piracy websites by these assholes that do this, and the assholes that support them.  We ask and DEMAND you to RESPECT the model’s privacy when participating as a supporter/fan of TeenModels4Bitcoin and our lovely models.  We’re putting ourselves back in control with Bitcoin (unlike creditcards) and anyone found pirating our material or not respecting the privacy of the models will be permanently banned from our website. PIRATES do not pirate our content.  Websites with teen model content even piracy websites can link to our website, or contact us about paying money for advertising a banner on your websites.  THIS we are willing to accept, relentlessly trying to pirate our entire model archive, we are not.  If it means keeping our material directly off of your website(s) and paying for some of your traffic, we’ll do it.


We do not consider transactions on our website to be purchases.  They’re also not donations either.  From this point forward transactions in our community will be PLEDGES.  Each pledge is compensated with amazing teen model content in downloadable format.  Some people just don’t understand that a pledge towards our amazing content isn’t the same as shopping at Walmart.  There’s no 30-day guarantee or your money back no questions asked, this works well for multi-billion dollar companies, it doesn’t work for us.  We agree to continue producing the best teen model content possible, in turn, we ask the supporters of our new community to agree that the money they spend in our community are pledges.  Pledges towards the continuing success of how amazing our content has gotten over the years and on display here.  Expect great content, do not expect the same ‘customer is always right’ attitude that you get at Walmart.  This isn’t Walmart, and we’re not looking for customers, we’re looking for full on teen model supporters!  So without further ado –

Ladies and gentlemen, let the TM4B Revolution begin!