Bitcoin Handbook

What Is Bitcoin?

If you’re only interested in using Bitcoin on our marketplace, it won’t be important to know everything about Bitcoin (mining/etc) or most about how Bitcoin works, you simply need to find the most convenient way (for you) to purchase or otherwise obtain bitcoin, and then use it on our site to download our content.

Bitcoin Buying Services

You can buy Bitcoin (or Ether) on  Verification is required but afterwards you will be able to use your debitcard, creditcard or bank account to buy bitcoin (or ether). They support nearly every country.  I would recommend buying Ether instead of Bitcoin, it works the same way and can be used exactly the same way on our website(s).  As of today (June 11th, 2017) Ether is much faster than Bitcoin.  If doesn’t work for you, I would recommend Wirex.  They have a fast deposit service after verification.  US Citizens can use CoinBase, Kraken and Gemini.  If you need a bigger list of Bitcoin services check here: You can use any bitcoin option you want, once you have the bitcoin it can easily be used for downloads on TeenModels4Bitcoin. 

This tutorial recommends starting with at least 1 bitcoin.  This is no longer accurate, any fraction of a bitcoin (0.05-0.1) will do.
Bitcoin has RISEN in price! If you decided to keep supporting us with bitcoin when we launched our website and kept some bitcoin for yourself you would have doubled your money or more!
If you do not want to use  your own phone number for verification, Google Voice should work. For Buying Bitcoins

LocalBitcoins is another service that I recommend for buying bitcoins, if you want to deal with private sellers.  They offer a wide range of ways to buy Bitcoin, with the most prominent being through Bank Transfer.  Just make sure to pick a reputable seller (there are many of them) and have at it.  You can keep your bitcoins in any of these services, or in other secure Bitcoin wallets, or even in a account (this is the service we use for accepting bitcoin payments and serving product downloads immediately after payment is complete, but they do not offer the ability to actually buy bitcoins with fiat currency.)  Again, if you don’t want to keep any Bitcoins, you can use them to create account funds here on our website.  You’ll have your funds stored in USD.

Bitcoin ATMs / Cash Vouchers

If you’re lucky enough to live close to a Bitcoin ATM, this could also be another great option for buying bitcoins.  I suggest checking out Coin ATM Radar for finding a Bitcoin ATM near you. I recently found LibertyX – many convenience stores in the US where you buy a voucher with cash and redeem the voucher on for bitcoin.
Here is one example of someone buying bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM.  There are many examples on youtube.

Dealing With Bitcoin Price Fluctuation

Bitcoin price fluctuation will not be an issue when using Bitcoin to participate in our marketplace.  If you do not feel like storing any Bitcoin itself, you can use the same third party services listed above (CoinsBank,, Coinbase) to store money in fiat (usd/eur/etc) currency.  You can also use the Bitcoin on our site to buy account funds here.  Once you fund your account on TeenModel4Bitcoin, it’ll be stored in USD, and not a fluctuating Bitcoin price.  So if Bitcoin price fluctuation worries you, only buy as much Bitcoin as you plan on spending, and store your funds in Bitcoin ‘USD’ or purchase account funds here on our website.
Since writing this article on March 26th, Bitcoin has more than DOUBLED in price and almost TRIPLED.  If you had of bought 500$ worth of Bitcoin in March, spent 250$ on our website and kept the other 250$, you would have almost 750$ USD worth of Bitcoin left!

Using Two Bitcoin Accounts To Use Bitcoin Anonymously

There’s a simple way to ensure that you remain anonymous enough with Bitcoin, if you feel that is a concern for you.  The chances of someone actually tracking your Bitcoin transactions from a Bitcoin purchasing service, and into wherever you send that are slim, but it is your right to exercise privacy with anything that you do, so do as you see fit.  You could easily create a middleman Bitcoin account from a Bitcoin service that requires no verification, any time you plan on buying and spending Bitcoin, you buy it on Website A, send it first to anonymous/no verification Website B, roll/change your bitcoin address and then send it here to spend on Website C!  If you wanted even MORE security, you could use a Tumbler service, but I believe these cost money, and I do not personally find them necessary.  All in all, no one would have the need to track your Bitcoin transactions to purchase LEGAL teen model content from our website, but you have the right to your own privacy so do what you feel is best. Update: This is my opinion of the privacy of Bitcoin, with a few simple steps privacy should be easy to manage.  If you are really concerned about privacy you’ll have to do some research on Google.  We will open a community forum eventually, where people will be able to discuss the privacy of Bitcoin and other topics there.

Need Privacy For Your Internet Usage?

TigerVPN is an affordable, reliable service, especially with their yearly plan.  It provides a downloadable app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, (I’ve only used Windows and Android) so no real configuration is needed.  Just login to your account and activate their VPN Service.  Any other VPN is fine to use on our website as long as it doesn’t change your IP every 5 minutes.  Tor and VPN services that change your IP too often are not yet compatible.  We can’t stop people from sharing their accounts if we disable IP checking completely.

Ether vs. Bitcoin

When TM4B came to life in late March, Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency worth paying attention to and worth using for purchases, trading, depositing, etc.  In such little time, Ether has proven to be faster for transactions.  Bitcoin can take 10-40 minutes or longer when sent from your Bitcoin wallet to TM4B, due to increasing popularity and the network being pushed to it’s limits.  Ether works exactly the same as Bitcoin, in terms of buying it and sending it from to TM4B.