Creditcard Fraud – Why Bitcoin Is Better

June 11th, 2017 Update: Bitcoin has become a huge success!  But it’s also become slower to send and receive Bitcoin.  You can buy and send Ether the same way as Bitcoin, only it will send faster.  Just select ETH on the checkout page.  You can buy Ether the same as Bitcoin from

Bitcoin will still work, along with any other coin listed on the checkout page.  Our prices are always in US Dollars.  Our checkout page will show the amount needed of your order in each available coin.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 0.001 bitcoin or 0.05 ether, the actual US Dollar amount remains the same.

Original Article:

Today I started thinking back to when I was first going to try Bitcoin.  I, like many people, just wanted to use my Creditcard or Debit Card and get my Bitcoin and be done with it.  This was a few years ago, and I was skeptical but I expected a quick Creditcard or Debit Card transaction to work.  Nope.  Firstly, there was an IP mismatch (I was in a different location than where my creditcard registered address was, who stays at home all day?) and I was required to upload a bunch of documents, or was just cut off completely.  I can’t remember.  I took the ‘high and mighty’ route and put Bitcoin on the back-burner because I had never had an issue with fraud or someone else using my creditcards, or having issues with a payment/etc so I thought why should I have to verify myself?  I am who I am, so just let me pay with MY money and give me MY Bitcoin!

While there is some merit to this argument, you have to realize the reality of the situation.  Creditcard fraud is RAMPANT.  I didn’t realize this until seeing for myself how it works.  Hackers are getting people’s IDs, creditcard info, things like this, and are putting through as many charges as they can (on stores where they receive their own payout) and then convert all of that money into Bitcoin in most cases before the charges get reversed.  Once it’s in Bitcoin, it can basically be used as cash.  Yes, this is one of the issues with Bitcoin and why it sometimes gets a bad rap.  Bitcoin can be used for anything, however the most important part for us is that Bitcoin can also be used for legal teen modeling, and that’s something we absolutely need to start implementing.

Therefore, I can understand some people’s frustrating with Bitcoin, it certainly isn’t as easy as a creditcard payment, but once you get the hang of it, overall, it is better for everyone.  Don’t want to use Credit/DebitCard or Bank Account transactions online to get Bitcoin?  Almost every country will have alternatives for you available, especially in Canada and the US.  Don’t want to use your ID to verify purchasing Bitcoin?  Things will be a little more complicated, but all in all it can be done pretty easily.  Bitcoin can be obtained in so many different forms that at least one method should be acceptable.  A Credit/debit card or bank account can be used, which will require some verification.  Some vouchers/gift cards bought in stores should be useable for Bitcoin as well.  I’ll have to look further into this myself, you may have even seen vouchers or cards like this available from stores that you’ve been to.  These should be able to be bought with cash, and wouldn’t require any kind of verification.

This is the way things have to be done, so if you love teen models and want to support us and our lovely teen models, but still have issues with Bitcoin, please read the Bitcoin Handbook.  If you’re serious about getting signed up with Bitcoin but still need help, contact us through the Support Desk and for Bitcoin related inquires we will provide one-on-one support.